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Ernie Urdal
Ernie Urdal

8 Mon HRMA - Career Advancement Network (CAN) Victoria - Cover Letter Tips and Tricks
12 Fri G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Publicity for Your Business: Traditional and New Media
17 Wed HRMA - Victoria Roundtable - Factors to consider before introducing 360 feedback
18 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - What is My Business Worth: Preparing Your Business for Sale
31 Wed G.V.C.of C. - Business Leaders Luncheon: Peter Legge (SOLD OUT)
6 Tue ViaTec/Fort Tectoria - YYJ Tech Ladies: What I Wish I Knew About Professional Programming 10 Years Ago
7 Wed Reboot Communications - 19th Annual Privacy and Security Conference (3 days)
14 Wed HRMA - Westshore Roundtable - HRIS 101 for non-technical HR Professionals
19 Mon G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Trademarks, Copyright, Patents and More
20 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Chamber Week Webinar - Market Research 1: Find Data That Works for You
20 Tue HRMA - HR Connects in Victoria at WCG
22 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Chamber Week Seminar: Networking for Success
22 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Chamber Week Webinar - Marketing Essentials for Small Business
23 Fri HRMA - Members Only Breakfast (Victoria)
28 Wed G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Market Research 2: Surveys and Focus Groups for Knowing Your Customer
28 Wed ViaTec/Fort Tectoria - City of Victoria Small Business Provider Information Session
13 Tue Radar Hill - Google Partners Video Marketing Event
13 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Create Your Starter Website on WordPress (register)
15 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Marketplace Mixer - Booths On Sale
21 Wed BBB - Lunch 'N Learn: Improve Information Gathering on New Hires
23 Fri G.V.C.of C. - CyberSecurity Awareness Day
23 Fri BBB - CyberSecurity Awareness Day
28 Wed G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Retail Success: How to Get Your Product Into Stores
29 Thu HRMA - The Dale Carnegie Course® (Duncan) (@Ramada)
11 Wed G.V.C.of C. - Social Media Series: Analytics - How to measure success
17 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - How to Build Your Business Around a Solution (register early and save)
19 Thu ViaTec - Victoria Web & Application Developers Meetup
21 Sat ViaTec - Ladies Learning Code: Programming with Ruby
26 Thu ViaTec - Victoria SQL Server User Group Meeting
2 Wed Social Media Camp -Canada’s Largest Social Media Conference (register early and Save) (2 days)
2 Wed Radar Hill Technology - Google Partners Local Marketing Event
15 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Pricing and Costing Your Product (register early and save)
25 Fri BBB - Community Shredding Event 2018
30 Wed G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Operations for Small Business (register early and save)
4 Mon G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Sales Strategies for Small Business (register early and save)
5 Tue G.V.C.of C. - YYJ Eats - tickets on sale!
7 Thu G.V.C.of C. - How to get media attention - for all the right reasons
15 Fri G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Marketing Essentials for Small Business (register early and save)
19 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Trade Accelerator Program (Day 1 of 3)
20 Wed ISACA - Luncheon + AGM: Bridging the Gender Gap in Information Technology and CyberSecurity – smashing the glass ceiling!
20 Wed ViaTec - SQL Server User Group - Using Microsoft Flow with Microsoft SQL
21 Thu G.V.C.of C. - June Business Mixer
26 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Trade Accelerator Program (Day 2 of 3)
5 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Summer Social Series: Winemaker's Dinner at the Mansion (SOLD OUT)
12 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Prodigy Group July Mingle
24 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Trade Accelerator Program (Day 3 of 3)
13 Mon G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Business Planning for Developing Businesses
16 Thu G.V.C.of C. - Summer Social Series: Brewmaster's Dinner (SOLD OUT)
11 Tue ViaTec - Transformation Math: The Cash Flow Dynamics of Cloud, SaaS and XSP
13 Thu ViaTec - Downtown Victoria Marketing Jam Sessions:
14 Fri G.V.C.of C. - Summer Social Series: End of Summer Soiree
17 Mon G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Pitch Perfect: Craft your Startup Pitch to Success (register early for 15% discount)
19 Wed ViaTec - SQL Server User Group - Hardware 201:
22 Sat ViaTec - Intro to Browser Extensions with JavaScript
24 Mon ViaTec - National industry engagement technical workshops for the ICT sector
2 Tue G.V.C.of C. - Webinar - Optimize your Landing Pages and Convert More Customers (register early to get 15% discount)
2 Fri G.V.C.of C. - 36th Annual Dinner Auction Gala - Tickets On Sale

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